The proyect

The project Cartoonists for the Millennium Development Goals is a result of the permanent cooperation that the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá through the Department of Graphic Humour has had with cartoonists from all around the globe, and especially with those from Latin America for more than 16 years. The choice of the Millennium Goals meant a deeper look at the treatment of social problems, which the Foundation has been working on for years, from the point of view of Humour.

The approval of the Millennium Development Goals creates a framework to a greater achievement of a more solidary, more democratic and, specially, more egalitarian globalized world. Therefore, the MG must become the work reference to encourage in several areas of society, and to which all groups should compromise. Besides, it is usual for the Foundation to cooperate with professionals in this sector of culture and communication, as it has been mentioned above; actions in which authors from more than 50 countries of all four corners of the planet have cooperated. Graphic Humour is considered one of the best communication tools because it contains two key elements: image and humour. From the field of Graphic Humour themes of the greatest importance can be dealt with without losing the slightest bit of seriousness. More to the contrary, it adds a call to reflection. In a special way it works toward raising awareness and in condemning situations in society.

Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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