Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Omar Figueroa Turcios

I believe that the aim of my drawing is to remind the leaders of the UN that there are some goals which still need to be fulfilled properly. We are creating this comic frontline using illustrations to remind them that they have to fulfill these goals.

Antonio Mingote Barrachina

The aim of this comic strip is naturally fairly limited, perhaps it will just incite compassion in the odd reader.

But the problem of hunger, I believe, will only be resolved when a boffin in a big multinational company discovers the way to make money from giving food to those who can´t afford it. It is going to be tough because I´d be delighted to know what kind of business can be successful in circumstances where those who receive the services have no money to pay for them.

Antonio Fraguas de Pablo, Forges

It is true that they say that an image is worth more than a thousand words, but there are words that are worth a thousand images, like for example, any of the words that define the eight millenium goals. It is very hard for 7 billion people to agree on something, or even 7 million for that matter, but it is also hard for comic illustrators to agree and there aren’t many of us- we don’t even hit the 1500 mark.

Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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