Toni Batllori Obiols

I think that comic illustrators have a totally secondary and purely entertaining role. However, it is possible that on an individual level someone might have been explained something many times, but when that persons sees an image it might drive the point home and incite action.

The point is that people die of hunger, and at best by 2015 only half of them will die. This is really serious, in an ideal world the goal should be that no one dies, but of course we have to be realistic… I liked the idea of drawing two people who are tossing a coin to decide who gets to eat. I was also trying to explore the idea of extreme poverty, which was not easy for me. I used a stone slab instead of a coin, thus making the point that these people don’t just have nothing to eat but they don’t have a penny either.


Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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