Máximo San Juan Arranz

I think that this is beyond the scope of the few seconds that people devote to looking at an illustration. Ours is a fleeting and limited influence. I believe in commitment and UN mandates more than drawings- there are 200 countries in that alliance after all. I believe the whole world, so far, is incapable of giving 10% of our incomes to help others.

I think poverty is intolerable when it causes hunger and especially when that hunger leads to death. Among those who die of malnutrition or weakness are children, and that is why I have used a child in my drawing. This child is fighting for a number of causes but the most important is represented by cutlery. What he is most interested in, above and beyond liberty and equality is the pleasure of eating everyday- and we have to provide that. Poverty is represented in the flag by the patch- he doesn’t even have enough fabric- and his ribs are visible suggesting he doesn’t get much food.

Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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