Loredano Cássio da Silva Filho

It will no doubt have some use and some meaning, but I don´t think that my work is likely to have much effect on political leaders. If they are unable to feel sorry for the real African child, why are they going to feel sorry for a photo, or for a paper child? If they are not capable of making decisions and changing the course of society after they see the real issues close up, how are they going to feel sorry about the situation after seeing a drawing? I don´t think it will work. Perhaps some members of the public will agree with me, but I doubt it is going to have a direct influence. I´d like it too, but I doubt it.

The title I have given this piece is “Europe and Africa. Europe is rich, glorious, beautiful and strong, while Africa is socially and economically disorganised by that same Europe. Europe messes Africa up and leaves everything as it is…


Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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