Helio Flores

In my case the job as a whole has always been linked to the idea of poverty within marginalised societies in our country and across the world. I think that is one of the main roles of caricature. 

In pesimistic moments one thinks that one doesn´t have much effect, and although it seems ridiculous, the years pass by and we are still repeating the same things and the same situations and there has been little change or progress.

I imagine the situation of a tramp asking for help because he is hungry and his mouth is dangling open. Along comes a wealthy person eating some food and he offers his leftovers to the hungry man, he offers what he doesn´t want- the bone from his food. I think in most situations this is what happens, rich people offer the poor their leftovers. The hungry guy in the last part of the strip doesn’t open his mouth to eat it but instead he opens his head, suggesting that it is not just the hunger of the stomach that needs placating but also the hunger of the mind. That hunger of the mind includes a need for education, work, opportunities in life, etc.


Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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