Alfredo Sábat

Illustrations in newspapers are very fleeting concepts in general, and when I am drawing I think of the current project and not yesterday’s. That doesn’t mean that I can’t say what I think or say what I want to happen, or what I would like to happen…

However, if within that scenario someone sees this picture and it gets them thinking, and if we illustrators indirectly contribute to achieving these millenium goals, then that is fantastic. It isn’t the main aim of my drawing though. I am not going to worry about how I am going to influence the world. If I can help and change the world a bit then that is wonderful.

If you are using an image as well-known as Leonardo’s Universal Man, then the meaning is clear to everyone, but in reflecting on the world’s elite you can also learn from them. When I chose to use Leonardo I didn’t just want to imitate him but I also wanted to quote the meaning of what he did. He drew the universal man, the perfect man and I want to contrast that idea with hunger and poverty and all that is wrong with the world, contrasting what life should be like with the grim reality.


Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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